Social Media Marketing : What is a Hashtag? Need of Hashtag in Social Media

Hashtags are words or key phrases gone before by a (#) symbol and are utilized to accumulate comparatively themed posts.

Utilizing relevant hashtags gets your tweets before your target audience, which prompts increased engagement, increased social influence, increased traffic to your site and, ultimately, conversions.

Importance of Hashtag in Social Media

  1. Use to identify a keyword or topic of interest
  2. Hashtags create great visibility for a campaign,
  3. Help you reach your target audience
  4. Easy trick to connects you with your followers
  5. Create brand engagement
  6. Explore Content visibility
  7. Reach their target audience

Always research online tools like- to find out the trending & relevant hashtag for your content. is one of the most popular tool to find each hashtag’s popularity volumes.

Search for any Hashtag before using

  1. Analyze reach, popularity, trends and correlations.
  2. Find out  the top influencers
  3. Pick the hashtags that work best for you content.
  4. Monitor your hashtag performance on Twitter and Instagram by using social Analytic
  5. Find out what best time to post
  6. Analysis  the visibility of top influencers to  through influencers marketing
  7. Track your social account   to boost your performance
  8. Analyze what your competitors do

Sometimes New marketers always mistake using the full 22-character #Soialmediaoptimization when they could use the three-character #SMO

Always remember when you puting hashtag on some keywords firstly check with the help of any hashtag tools what keywords giving you more engagement either full 22-character

Soialmediaoptimization or could use the three-character #SMO

Is it true that you are Getting the Most Reach Out of your Hashtags?

Whatever field you’re in, realizing what are the best hashtags to utilize is an extraordinary help in boosting your web based life endeavors. With you can find if the hashtags you are utilizing are, in fact, connecting your targeting audience. you need to planning your current social media strategy and identify top performing and relevant hashtags – all to your advantage!

Social Networks Accounts That Support Hashtags

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Tumblr
  • Fluidinfo
  • FriendFeed

A hashtag is simply a phrase or keyword that is preceded by a pound (#) symbol and used by the micro-blogging community to create a thread of conversations around a specific theme or topic.

The purpose of the hashtag is to categorize topics, filtering content easily

Why use a hashtag?

  1. Using hashtags in your social media posts can greatly increase awareness and engagement.
  2. Brand building& engagement
  3. More specifically, hashtags can help your target audience find you.

Find the right hashtags to use for your brand.

  1. Look at what influencers are doing
  2. See what’s trending
  3. Be specific- your target market, the more customers you’ll attract
  4. Use  relevant hashtags
  5. Use  relevant content tagging
  6. Use location based hashtag

RiteTag – Whether it’s using Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram,   will give you solid suggestions on what hashtags you could be using based on its usage.

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